Through nourishment is born strength, health, resilience and happiness. An understanding of the minerals of the earth, the gifts of the feminine to enable full nutrition which  is core to the empowerment of others. Explaining how to connect to the earth's  electrical charge, deepening your connection to the earth to allow full pineal activation by clearing the pineal gland using minerals and natural detoxifiers

Taking the nutrition wisdom of the ancient cultures and translating them into modern day accessible meals

Rebuilding, fuelling and activating the neural system.

The needs of the prenatal, the new born, the young child, the teenager and so on

The recipe keys to simple yet stupendous eating

Healing the rift between the female and the male through plants

Ensuring you are getting and assimilating the 100 +necessary nutrients of life

Our future and the natural nourishment of children

Using epigenetics to express our ultimate genetic expression

Understanding how to protect our families from damaging EMF frequencies by vibrational connection to the earth, using protective foods, supplements and effective devices

Enhanced connection with nature through living nutrition

Holly and Clive share their knowledge of food and supplementation with the purpose of ensuring the wellbeing of our families throughout their lives. Clive feels that a sign of having achieved health involves being well enough to make love on the day you die. Holly experiences well being as an ongoing sense of connection to the larger forces of nature that shape our lives.