Supplements, how to know what you need and how to tell which ones actually work

How to have excellent skin

How not to get wrinkles, cellulite, fat or stupid

How to have happy, bright, healthy babies


Forget why you walked in the room? Learn how to get your brain power back.

Lean the self hypnosis techniques used to install fortitude, self control and pleasure at eating healthy foods

Pain reduction

How to have healthy bowels



Morning 10am

The art of self repair is not lost, just obscured. We reveal the core of you, the very minerals that make up your body. We highlight how low or high you are on the twenty most vital minerals and the fourteen most critical heavy metals and we explain how to deal with them. We cover 14 other important tests and give a comprehensive report on vital nutrient advice, supplementation and detoxification.

Mineral and heavy metal testing, vitamin C levels, Nitric oxide (the wood factor), Ph and many more. Are you really as healthy as you think or are you a seething mass of illness lurking just under the surface?


Pain Genie sessions. Experience the startling powers of this most famous of Russian healing technologies, the Scenar/Pain genie.


Kinesiology and iridology

EWOT oxygen experience. Feel hyper breathing and understand why this is one of the most amazing healing modalities ever discovered

Foot bath, PEMF, dichromic light. ozone , colours, crystals,

Sun therapy, ex NASA artificial sun. Sunbathing like never before. The power of four suns, amazing

E-lybra, bio resonance and spooky 2

Secrets of youthfulness without resorting to expensive potions and treatments

Find out why everyone is eating and everyone is starving, stop overeating overnight, gravitate to your natural weight

Regenerate your neural system to get maximum out of life.

Find out how it's possible to happily live on less sleep and feel better...with our dietary and lifestyle secrets

Get back more hours in your day to pursue YOUR dreams..your hobbies, that extra business, your free time, get ahead in your work, exams etc.

101 nutrition what you need to know and weren't taught in school. What are the 90 plus nutrients we need and how can we turn these unto easy mouth watering recipes

Breakfasts that satisfy you all day, from chocolate fig pudding to tropical smoothies, chocolate elixirs to strawberry granola and more

Want to be vegan or plant based? How can you ensure you get the nutrients you need to sustain this ethical life choice.

Installing habits for success

Creating that feeling we call happiness and why it doesn't come from what we have been told

Using natural nutrtion to deepen you yoga or meditation practice nutrtion affects it and how needing less sleepo can improve your brain power

Protecting your dna as you age


LONDON and other locations to be announced soon. See events venue page'


Clive de Carle and Holly Paige share state of the art secrets based on decades of research and experience that are easy and straightforward to apply. You are a unique individual and this knowledge is presented in a way that can be adapted to your particular situation.

Ten key benefits you will come away with:

Tailor made supplement plans so you only take what you need.

End food cravings

Banish brain fog

Take control of your mind and body

Keep your children in a good mood and cooperative with some simple know how and recipes they will enjoy

How to have an easy menopause

How to have a well functioning prostate

Lunch on the move. 

Delicious alternatives to wheat.

Making healthy foods that resemble the unhealthy ones, crunchy crisp breads, non fattening healthy pasta, non grain bread, cakes and biscuits, crisps and puddings, good to share with family and friends!

Bonus material:

The answer to cavities. How to regrow your teeth rather than fillings

Taking health screening to another level.

A virtual nutritional x-ray.

How to safely clean your drinking, cooking and bathing water

Clean up the poisons in your home or workplace

Herbs and supplements for mental performance

End depression and anxiety without taking pharmaceutical drugs

Answers to drug addiction

Why everyone is eating yet nearly everyone is malnourished- and how you can get the 100 plus nutrients you need


Vegan/plant based diets: getting the nutrition you need

Rolling back the years, simple tricks for youthful ageing

Learn the simple and powerful art of self-hypnosis

Clearing unwanted electromagnetic frequencies from your home with surprising results

A look at sleep problems and possible solutions

Learn the art of fermentation, make your own delicious fermented vegetables, exotic fermented condiments and kefir desserts and drinks

Chocolate making, sweet yet without sugar

In addition you walk away with these with free gifts:

Health Revolution e books of the interviews with 25 of the world's leading natural health experts

Copy of Holly's book Food for Consciousness with over 100 raw recipes