NOW an opportunity to find out at inspiring events around the country.

Hands up all of you who felt that school was mainly a boring waste of time?

WHAT if you could just learn the best and most useful bits?

It's time to discover the bits that they left out, the really juicy bits!

WHAT are you going to DO this summer?

WHAT are you going to LEARN this summer?

WHAT are you going to BECOME this summer?

WHAT are you going to ACHIEVE this summer?

WHAT are you going to BE AMAZED by this summer?

WHAT if there are opportunities beyond your wildest dreams?

WHAT if you could understand baby language from the first day?

WHAT if you could master your health and help others to regain or retain theirs?

WHAT if you could talk with the animals?


WHAT if you could slow time down?

WHAT if you could discover your talents, passion and purpose?

WHAT if you could uncover powers you never imagined you had?


WHAT if you could learn how to be awake in your dreams and control them?


WHAT if you could learn self hypnosis that can increase your abilities, instantly?


WHAT if you could learn the  techniques of the masters of martial arts. Tony Moran used our methods to become WBF world champion, at 43 years old.


Learn from some of the greatest teachers of alternative wisdom in the UK

Dates and venues to be announced shortly. Do you have a group that would like to host a What they didnt teach you event? Contact Clive@clivedecarle.com