Healthy Happy Babies


Imagine you were building your baby in the lab. You have a vast choice of ingredients to build your baby from, what would you choose? There are fresh wild strawberries freshly picked in the mountains that very dawn, the sweetest of raw carrots, delicious cucumbers, broccoli, celery and blueberries and so forth. Next to these are doughnuts, burgers and chips. Now consider what poisons you would to like to add to the baby? What % of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides would be best to add in? 5%, 0.75%, 0.15% or zero?


Clive explains healthy nutrition and how the right nutrition in both the mother and father before birth increases health, intelligence, strength and resilience in the child as well happiness, for all concerned.

Hospital birth or home birth.

Conscious conception and the benefits.

Your baby is born with 5 sounds that indicate it’s needs. Learn these five sounds and you can understand what your baby is saying on day one.

How to calm a crying child.

Easy ways to get babies to go to sleep.


 How to help ensure that your child will not be depressed or violent.

The umbilical cord and the placenta and what they do for the baby after birth.

Preparation for pain free or 'easy' births and how some women achieve them by learning self hypnosis and traditional birth practices.

What are epidurals actually are.

Nappy rash, home remedies from the cupboard

Learn how children have had their autism and Asperger’s reversed.



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Happy, healthy babies and how to have them.

A course specifically designed for those who want an ideal birth. 

Saturday 9th December. 11am to 6pm Including organic lunch, elixirs and healthy snacks. £160
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Venue: Clive’s house near Pewsey, Wiltshire, 1 hour from London Paddington by train, post code SN8
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Below are just a few services that can be offered during the hospital birth process. You need to know about them in advance in case you don't want some of them:


Vitamin K shot

 RH Negative - Rhogam shot   

 Vaccines during pregnancy

 Induction of labour 


    Fetal heart monitors

    Hep Lock/IV’s




    Cervical checks


     Separating mother and baby during 1st hour


 Eye ointments


 Infant formulas


Lotus Birth

Continuous electronic fetal monitoring

Amniotomy (Breaking of membranes)


Gestational diabetes monitoring

Do you know what these involve and if you want them?


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