MALLORCA    2017

Revitalise yourself at the Secret Health Club .

Enjoy the incredible rejuvenation power of enhanced oxygen therapies and cutting edge supplementation as used by olympic athletes and media stars.

Do you want to…………

Feel the stress lift right off your shoulders and the energy flood back in

Relax and enjoy the opportunity to take control over your health.

Whether you are a high performance athlete looking for that extra winning edge or someone who is aware that their vitality or immune system simply needs a boost, you will benefit from the retreat immensely.

 Experience advanced healing technologies and receive personal health consultations, nutritional and detoxification guidance while learning Inspiring health techniques.

We serve the finest organic food in the breathtaking surroundings of this intensely green and beautiful, temperate island.

Understand minerals and vitamins and how to realise which ones you may need. Discover the power of MAF's, peptides and stem cells.

Experience the 'secret'  treatments chosen by top athletes and sportsmen

Ideal for anyone with loss of health, low energy, gut issues, depression, skin problems, muscle and joint problems, addiction, concerns about conception and much more, all tailored to your needs.

The week includes:

7 days in our luxury villa with organic food, much of which is grown in the mountains locally, picked that day.

Personal consultations and bio analysis

3 sessions of enhanced oxygen therapies

Sessions with the Pain Genie if required, magnetic and and bio resonace therapies, colonics and more is also available if required

Individualised nutritional and detoxification guidance.


Please email:  

From £3000   Christmas and New year places still available.

Circulation, oxygen therapies and their vital importance

Oxygen deficiency is the cause of many ailments. The older you get, the more important oxygen replenishment becomes!

Oxygen dilates blood vessels. Following the application of combined oxygen-ion therapy we will in most cases see a restoration of blood micro-circulation and a decrease in the swelling of the tissue walls.

 This is useful when conventional medicine has told the patient that “There is nothing more we can do for you”.

The diagnostic procedures include:
A detailed discussion of the patient’s medical history
A detailed physical examination of the patient
Bio resonance treatments


What people say:

Tony Moran.    WBF World Champion:

Health and nutrition, in its purest sense, was the foundation for me restarting my boxing career last year, a month shy of my 42nd birthday...

Winning a World Title over 12 hard fought, non stop rounds last week...

It would have remained a dream, if I had not found my health through nutrition...

I would not have had the strength of Mind, Body & Spirit to see any of it through...

Against all the serious life challenges, I have had to deal with...

If it were not for world renowned health expert Clive de Carle and his link to Andrew K Fletcher of Inclined Bed Therapy...

I achieved all this, with natural methods and nothing chemical or illegal...

I have reversed my clock through these natural methods, to benefit me, as a fighter and athlete...

But more importantly, to benefit my life in general...


Detoxification on the sun island

Petra D. (From a German article)

First, it was only an uncomfortable tingling, then the pain followed. Petra D. suffered for a long time from circulatory disturbance in her arms and legs. Sometimes the disturbance was so intense that the personal secretary couldn't work for days. „My doctor prescribed pills", the woman from Frankfurt tells „and I was told to practice gymnastics." The therapy did help, but not as long as the agile woman hoped it would. "But then my best friend told me about the carbonic-acid-ozone-treatment on Mallorca". For five years, Petra D. spends a week per year on the sun-island, undergoes every time three sessions in a special steam bath. „The effect goes on for twelve to fifteen month", the mother of two adult sons rejoices. „Both at work and at home I became a different person through this. Many things are no more trouble for me, and the pain in arms and legs is gone, too".


If I had enough money I would take you all away to here for a week. I consider Clive de Carle a good personal friend of mine and he played a essential role in introducing me to natural health knowledge and products, that totally cleared the fog from my mind. In my opinion combating any mental or physical illness has to be started with nutrition and supplements. I have spent a weekend with Clive at his pad and the health knowledge I learned was not only empowering but also essential.  Kai Bowman.



Clive de Carle is one of the world's foremost researchers, practitioners and educators of optimum health and mental performance. For over 20 years he has dedicated himself to the pursuit of understanding mental and physical performance optimisation, providing cutting-edge nutritional consultancy and enabling thousands of clients to reverse the signs of illness and regain optimum health. In recent years Clive has interviewed many of the world's leading natural health practitioners and these interviews can be found on You Tube. Clive has also interviewed leading neurosurgeons, ophthalmologists and medical doctors who now embrace the natural approach in place of drugs and surgery.