1. Telephone/Skype consultancy

Book a session with Clive by Skype or telephone please email clive@clivedecarle.com to arrange a date. 

Cost: £100 an hour. You can pay in advance if you wish but this is not essential


Please inquire about our concession rates for those on low incomes.

2. Personal consultancy

Clive offers one-to-one consultancy solutions on a more personal level in the privacy of his Marlborough, Wiltshire home and also in Wincanton, Somerset Alternatively he can travel to a client. Clive also  offers Scenar treatments for pain relief.

Cost: £100 an hour plus travel costs 

3. Corporate consultancy

Losing work through staff sickness? Clive advises companies who wish to bulletproof their employees health and increase work performance and productivity.

4. Specialist consultancy

We specialise in the following consultancy areas:

Fertility consultancy

Family consultancy

Mind mastery

Health restoration, anti-aging and rejuvenation

Secret Health Club Workshop

The Secrets to Being Healthy  

You are invited to an extraordinary day of life extending, health enhancing, happiness expanding, hidden knowledge.

Topics may include:

How to be immune from flu viruses

Reversing joint and muscle issues

Regrowing dental cavities

Improving eyesight

Kickstarting your natural repair cycle

Freedom from menopausal symptoms

Sharper memory

The latest tests that show which supplements to take, which foods to eat and the foods to avoid.

How to have healthy, happy, bright children.

 How nutrition can correct neurological imbalance

The ultimate pain relief device.

Stem cells, are they safe, effective and ethical?

Pain free menstruation

Discover the incredible properties of the 4th phase of water

Nootropics, the substances that enhance the brain and cognitive enhancement

Learn how light can heal you

The facts you need to know about CBD & PEMF

Q&A session.

The day is £100

The next session is tuesday/saturday 

Reserve your place by booking here:



Enjoy a great organic lunch and learn about the incredible new technological advances that could add many extra years of good health to your life.
Limited to just ten people, these days are ideal for those who want to be super healthy and also for professionals who want to keep up to date.
I have been researching for a new film series which may take a year or more to complete but you can benefit from my discoveries right now.

You will learn about the ground breaking new tests that show exactly what foods you are allergic too and which best suit you and precisely what supplementation you need to achieve rapid health recovery, from not just physical issues but from mental ones as well. 
It is now possible for the first time to inexpensively determine exactly which bacteria and viruses you have in your body with unheard of accuracy.

Revealed will be the latest findings from the field of anti ageing, along with details of which supplements and foods really work the best and where to get them.

Comments from my last talk: “Inspiring”, “revelatory”, “amazing”, “powerful”, ‘the pain I had when I arrived has gone”, “i feel so much better already”, “life saving information”, “enlightening”, ‘I am so pleased that I made the effort to come”.

20% discount for Secret Health Club members.

SPECIAL DAY FOR WOULD BE PARENTS: Happy, healthy babies and how to have them. A course specifically designed for those who want an ideal birth. 

To book email clive@clivedecarle.com 20% discount for Secret Health Club members.
More details here: http://www.clivedecarle.com/healthy-happy-babies
Venue: Clive’s house near Pewsey, Wiltshire, 1 hour from London Paddington by train, post code SN8
Would you like me to talk in your area? Do invite me.If you would like a private consultation do call 01672 564804 or email clive@clivedecarle.com

Services include:

Workshops and seminars

Private retreats

Nutritional plans

Canteen nutritional enhancement

Health advice lines

One-on-one health consultancy

Bio resonance scanning

Scenar treatments

Optimum nutrition advice

Clive can provide you with a protocol for a proactive, predictive, personalised primary prevention

Disclaimer: Clive is not a medical doctor and does not diagnose or cure medical conditions.


Please go to the Contact page for any enquiries or click the button to the right.