A private members club where health options can be freely discussed and the secrets that commercial interests wish to be hidden are revealed. 

Membership entitles you to:

  • Bio resonance healing sent remotely via scalar technology. Our members are in many cases experiencing improvements to their health. The frequencies that are available as part of membership include eye healing frequencies GcMaf frequencies  and other specific frequencies that enhance vital body systems.  As the club grows there will be an ever increasing range of healing frequencies that members will have access to. For those whose sleep follows uk time zones we also have a sleep enhancement program if requested.

  • The information required to obtain the new food supplement which has all the qualities of GcMaf while being an even more powerful molecule.

  • Discounts to attend workshops, webinars and seminars.

  • Access to the very latest life saving health information, first.

  • Uncover the latest outstanding research in the fields of cancer, autism and health.

  • Access to free Ebooks of The Health Revolution episodes.

  • Discounts on a growing range cutting edge of products

  • Membership is specifically restricted to private individuals who support total health freedom, who intend sharing or using this information solely for the benefit of themselves their family and friends. 


1 Year £49


3 Years £99