Success starts with good health. Get in touch for a consultancy session and get set up with all the knowledge you need to keep you and your family healthy for life. 

We have the following range of consultancy services:


1. Telephone/Skype consultancy

Book in your session with Clive by Skype or telephone. 01672 564804

Cost: £100 an hour. 

Please inquire about our concession rates for those on low incomes.

2. Personal consultancy

Clive offers one-to-one consultancy and bio resonance scanning to dertermine health solutions on a more personal level in the privacy of his Wiltshire home or alternatively can travel to a client. Clive also  offers Scenar treatments for pain relief.

Cost: £100 an hour plus travel costs

3. Corporate consultancy

Losing work through staff sickness? Clive advises companies who wish to bulletproof their employees health and increase work performance and productivity.

4. Specialist consultancy

We specialise in the following consultancy areas:

Fertility consultancy

Family consultancy

Mind mastery

Health restoration, anti-aging and rejuvenation

Services include:

Workshops and seminars

Private retreats

Nutritional plans

Canteen nutritional enhancement

Health advice lines

One-on-one health consultancy

Bio resonance scanning

Scenar treatments

Optimum nutrition advice

Clive can provide you with a protocol for a proactive, predictive, personalised primary prevention


Please go to the Contact page for any enquiries or click the button to the right.